Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University
9. 5. 2016: 2pm, lect. room F1
Jakub Fišák: Rayleigh scattering

9. 5. 2016: Mercury transit - come and see yourself! More in Events.
30. 4. 2016: The deadline for applications for graduate studies! Read more about the study of astrophysics at Faculty of Science.
6. 4. 2016: We refreshed the sectionAbout us. Read more about topics, wich concern our teachers and researchers.
3. 4. 2016: Published a talk with prof. Zdeněk Mikulášek in journal MUNI! Read about his new discovery!
Faculty of Science, MU
Dept. of Theor. Phys. & Astrophysics
Kotlářská 2 (Building No. 6)
CZ-611 37 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 54949 4633
Intro picture Building No. 6, the place of the Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics offices. Small view shows the Masaryk University Observatory dome building.