Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University
29. 9. 2017: 10:00, místnost F1
Petr Jelínek: Magnetohydrodynamical waves and oscillations in Sun's corona (habilitation's lecture)

Today: 1pm, lect. room F1
Jiří Krtička: The light variability of stars theta Aur, and Cen a CU Vir

21. 9. 2017: 11:00, Room 3029 Lenka Zychová - Interstellar Bubbles
18. 9. 2017: Semester opening
8. 9. 2017: Festival of Science 2017: Our institute is again part of it! Sun observations, making a sundial and a model of the Sun. More info here.
ÇOMU Invited Seminar
Date: 13. 5. 2008
Location: Faculty of Science, MU, Czech RepublicDisplay in Google Maps
Organizer: Astrophysics Division, DTPA FSci MU
Description: We organised a seminar of our colleagues from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Edwin Budding, Osman Demircan, Mehmet Emin ÖzelAhmet Erdem) within the frame of "Erasmus Teaching Staff Exchange Programme" for academic year 2007 - 2008.

Seminar is held in lecture room F4 on May 13, 2008 at 1pm.

Osman Demircan - Orbital Angular Momentum Evolution in Close Binaries
Ahmet Erdem - Chromospheric and Photospheric Activities in RS CVns
Mehmet Emin Özel - Gamma Ray Burst Studies in Turkey
Edwin Budding - The Joint Southern Binaries Programme of ÇOMU and the Carter National Observatory of New Zealand