Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University
29. 9. 2017: 10:00, místnost F1
Petr Jelínek: Magnetohydrodynamical waves and oscillations in Sun's corona (habilitation's lecture)

Today: 1pm, lect. room F1
Jiří Krtička: The light variability of stars theta Aur, and Cen a CU Vir

21. 9. 2017: 11:00, Room 3029 Lenka Zychová - Interstellar Bubbles
18. 9. 2017: Semester opening
8. 9. 2017: Festival of Science 2017: Our institute is again part of it! Sun observations, making a sundial and a model of the Sun. More info here.
1st Ice-skating of Astrophysicists
Date: 27. 4. 2008
Location: Ice Hockey Stadium for Children and Youth in Brno, Czech RepublicDisplay in Google Maps
Organizer: Astrophysics Division, DTPA FSci MU
Description: 1st Official Ice-Skating of Astrophysics Students

Astronomical winter is over but we have decided to organise "1st Official Ice-Skating of Astrophysicists" on April 27, 2008, since 11.45am to 1.45pm in the Ice Hockey Stadium for Children and Youth in Brno.

You cannot recall when you have ice-skated for the last time? It does not really matter. Our international students and fellows are about to come too and they have never wore skates before.

On behalf of the organisors, we are grateful to invite you to this unique seasonal event.

You can borrow skates at the stadium. You just have to bring your winter gloves!
More information on the stadium Web site.