Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University
Today: 11am, lect. room F1
Anthony Lynas-Gray: A Case for Stellar Envelope Opacity Revisions

16. 3. 2018: Representative Ball of FSci
16. 2. 2018: PHOEBE workshop (deadline March 30th)
15. 2. 2018: Summer school iSpec (deadline March 31st)
9. 2. 2018: NEON Observing School 2018 (dedaline April 6th)
1. 2. - 16. 3. 2018: First call ERASMUS+ "Per aspera ad astra simul" !!!
Mercury transition 2016
Date: 9. 5. 2016
Location: Faculty of Science, MU, Czech RepublicDisplay in Google Maps
Organizer: Department of theoretical physics and astrophysics
Description: During the afternoon and evening hours one of the most interesting phenomena will occur on the sky- Mercury will transit across the solar disk! Phenomenon will last from 13:12 until 20:42 (only until 20:17 in Brno, so long as the Sun is up).

Come and see with your own eyes! We will be ready with telescopes in the park across from the Dean's Office, Faculty of Science, since 1pm. In case of bad weather we may cancel the event.