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Famous scientists will honor the memory of Ernst Mach

Brno, 9 February 2016

During the days of 18th to 20th February a celebration in memory of Ernst Mach, one of the most productive and the most famous scientists in the 19th century, will be held in Brno. The festive conference will be addressed by leading Czech representatives and scientists, who together with other participants will honor the memory of Ernst Mach, not only by commemorative act, but also by a visit to his birthplace in Chrlice.

Brno Days of Ernst Mach in 2016 include events held in Brno on the occasion of the centenary of the death of an important physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach from Chrlice. The event begins with a welcome evening on Thursday, 18th February, where participants look back at the Brno days of Ernst Mach in 1988 and 2008, all together with an exhibition of historical documents. The main thrust will be held during the following day, when the morning ceremony will take place at conference, in the presence of Mayor of Brno, Masaryk University Rector, President of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, President of the Academy of Sciences and other prominent scientists. Lectures are given mainly on mechanics, relativity and cosmology, philosophical questions and the importance of the work of Ernst Mach for the development of technology. After the conference, the participants will move to Chrlice to attend a memorial ceremony at the plaque of Ernst Mach. On Sunday morning sightseeing in the Mendel Museum and Villa Tugendhat is scheduled.

Ernst Mach ranks among the most influential personalities of science of the second half of the 19th century. During his life he became a professor of higher mathematics, mathematical physics and experimental physics, but he also was devoted to biology, medical physics, physiology, philosophy and pedagogy. His contribution has enriched a wide range of scientific disciplines and it is not surprising that in his honor Academy of Science award each year top scientists in the field of physical sciences with Honorary Medal of Ernst Mach.

Organizing institute is Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Masaryk University, together with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Learned Society of the Czech Republic, the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists and, with the support of the city of Brno.

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Mgr. Lenka Zychová,