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Experts on magnetic stars will meet in Brno

Brno, 31 July 2017

At the end of August, Masaryk University will host an astrophysical conference focusing on stellar magnetic fields and their role in star formation and development. The conference will be held from 28 August to 1 September, at the Faculty of Science at Kotlářská. Specialists from all over Europe, Canada, Australia and India will go to Brno to present and discuss the latest results in the field of stellar magnetism during the conference.

Although the magnetic field of distant stars is extremely difficult to detect and study, this science area is one of the most up-to-date topics of modern astrophysics. Thanks to current research, it is clear that the magnetic field plays a decisive role in shaping the outer appearance of stars, as well as in the formation and development of stars and their planetary systems. "That's why we are organizing this conference. Leading experts can discuss and share their new results and ideas. In Brno, we are also lucky to have an internationally recognized group of researchers and students involved in breakthrough studies of magnetic stars," says the conference organizer, doc. Ernst Paunzen of the Departement of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics.

Significant scientists from around the world will be invited to Czechia, including Oleg Kochukhov (Sweden), Lilia Ferrario (Australia), Gustavo Guerrero (Brazil) and Gregg A. Wade (Canada). The magnetic field on the giant molecular clouds of interstellar gas, the influence of the magnetic field on the development of massive stars, stellar seismology and pulsation, the magnetic field around the black holes, and the significance of magnetism in binary stars and white dwarves will be discussed . During the conference, the accompanying program is also prepared for the participants in the Brno Planetarium and the concert of the Chamber Brass Harmony Brno.

You can find the conference pages here

Contact: doc. Mgr. Ernst Paunzen, Dr.

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