Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University


hlavní teleskop The major piece of the MUO equipment is the 0.60m telescope that was the largest reflector in former Czechoslovakia till 1967. The telescope was designed to work in both cassegrain and newtonian optical configuration; however, cassegrain focus is not used anymore. The primary instrument, G2-4000 CCD camera from Moravian Instruments, is attached in newtonian focus. The equatoreal mount unterwent complex reconstruction in year 2012 and year after that has been done full automatic reconstruction (mount and dome) by Projectsoft company from Hradec Králové.

Parameters :

Primary Mirror Diameter: 0.62 m
Focal Length: 2.78 m
Focal Ratio: f/4.5

This telescope was purchased thanks to kind support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic (grant FRVS/2733/2007) as an auxiliary equipment of the Masaryk University Observatory required for the Astronomy excercises 1 course. Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope optical design is settled on heavy and stable robotic german equatoreal mount.

Parameters :

Primary Mirror Diameter: 0.355 m
Focal Length: 3.91 m
Focal Ratio: f/11

TSC/SKY NWT 8” 203/1000 EQ-6 PRO (SkyScan) TSC/SKY NWT 8” 203/1000 EQ-6 PRO (SkyScan)
Newtonian reflector telescope on heavy robotic german equatoreal mount EQ-6 PRO SkyScan (GoTo) on height-adjustable tripod with 2” legs and eyepiece holder. Mount itself is equiped by next generation stepper motors. It has an autoguider input and its chipset supports new GoTo System version 3 (and higher) with possible firmware upgrade.

Parameters :

Primary Mirror Diameter: 0.2 m
Focal Length: 1 m
Focal Ratio: f/5