Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Faculty of Science
Masaryk University
Bezovec - Conference on recent achievements of stellar astronomy
Date: 1. - 3. 6. 2007
Location: Bezovec, SlovakiaDisplay in Google Maps
Organisers: Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia, Hlohovec Observatory, Slovakia & Slovak Astronomical Society
Description: The long-term and traditional aim of the Bezovec conferences are meetings of professionals and specialists from public observatories and Variable Stars observers from Slovakia, Czech republic as well as from neighbouring countries.

The Programme

Friday, 1. 6. 2007

16:00 - Registration
18:00 - Welcome coctail
19:00 - Foreword and poster presentation

Talk session (chairman I. Kudzej):

I. Kudzej - ESO at the Kolonica - East-Southern Observatory
P. A. Dubovský - Observational programme and the first results at the Kolonica Observatory
M. Chrastina - CCD Photometry Traps and Pitfalls
J. Janík - Astronomy at Masaryk University

21:00 - Bandit-style refreshment

Saturday, 2. 6. 2007

09:00 - Breakfast
09:30 - Opening ceremony (Ladislav HricJozef Krištofovič)

Talk session (chairman L. Hric):

P. G. Niarchos - Eclipsing Binary stars studies: present and future (invited talk)
V. N. Manimanis & P. G. Niarchos - The first photometric analysis of the short-period Algol DI Hydrae
I. L. Andronov - Structure and Evolution of Cataclysmic Variable Stars
E. Pavlenko - Asynchronous polars (invited talk)
S. V. Kolesnikov, I. L. Andronov & N. M. Shakhovskoy - Fast variability of cataclysmic binary stars

13:30 - Lunch
14:00 - Trip

16:00 - Talk session (chairman M. Zejda):

J. Janík - On-line database of photometric observations of mCP stars - long-distance race
M. KockaF. Hroch - Identification of X-ray sources in optical region
B. Kučerová - Do you know B[e] stars?
L. Hric, E. Kundra, P. G. Niarchos & V. N. Manimanis - RS Oph - photometric study one year after the outburst
Š. Parimucha - Photometric Analysis and Parameters of a Cool Eclipsing Binary System DV Psc
E. Pavlenko - Discovery and 1-year observations of the new WZ Sge type star, SDSS J0804 with 11 rebrightenings
M. Zejda, Z. MikulášekM. Wolf - Detailed study of TW Draconis

18:30 - Dinner

Talk session (chairman K. Petrík):

G. Szász - Accretion discs around us
L Šmelcer - CCD photometry and spectra of variables in Valašské Meziříčí
L Šmelcer - Stars' occultations by the asteroids
M. H. Bartolomejová - Egyptian calendar
M. Zejda - Mt. John Observatory, New Zealand
L. Hric & M. H. Bartolomejová - Southern America from A to U

21:30 - Last supper

Sunday, 3. 6. 2007

09:00 - Breakfast

Talk session (chairman S. Hledík):

S. Hledík, Z. Stuchlík, S. Konar & J. C. Miller - Gravitational excitation of accretion of oscillations in accretion discs around neutron stars (invited talk)
Z. Stuchlík - Multiresonant models of QPOs in Black hole and neutron star systems (invited talk)
M. Uhlár - The chemistry of interstellar space
K. PetríkV. Karlovský - Orbital periaod determination and wavelet analysis of the QR And lightcurve
T. Krejčová - SIWA 2007 - Split International Winter School of Astrophysics
O. Pejcha & D. Heyrovský - Extended Source Effect and Chromaticity in Two-Point-Mass Microlensing
K. PetríkT. Pribulla - Spectroscopy and photometry of V Sge in intermediate phase
P. Sobotka - Eclipsing binaries by INTEGRAL OMC

11:50 - Closing ceremony (Ladislav Hric)
12:00 - Lunch